Concert Le Tourdion

Saturday January 15, 2022 at 8:30 p.m. at the Pierre Messmer Cultural Center in Saint-Avold.

After a first part provided by Les Ados, the adults of La Fête en Chansons will present their new creation “Chronique de gens Ordinaires”.

The Cultural Center stage will see a parade of characters as varied as they are endearing, and who all carry the richness of the world within them: what could be more exciting than paying attention to this group that we commonly call PEOPLE? All those individuals who we don’t notice or who we think we know too well … those who find themselves on the margins of society or on the contrary “a little too much in the mold” …

Through French songs from all eras, accompanied by choreography and light effects, “Chroniques de gens Ordinaires” is therefore an ode to the little people, dissecting these everyday ghosts with originality and poetry.

Price: 12 €

8 € for students and schoolchildren

Free for children under 5

Tickets are on sale at the Tourist Office